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Submissions of articles

Submissions of articles for this site is possible.

Regarding the topics for new articles, you can take a look at the current articles on this site. You’ll find a wide range of topics: politics, history, military history, history of science, philosophy, social commentary on current events.

The articles have at least these things in common:

  • Some connection to European history, culture, identity or ethnicity
  • An analytical approach: trying to understand historical, political, social, demographic developments, instead of only describing them.
  • European identity is valued as something unique which should be preserved and protected.
  • A scrupulous, in fact often scientific, pursuit of the truth. We do have our biases and we know that they can influence what we write and how we write it, but we try to diminish this influence.
  • Our pursuit of the truth motivates us to sometimes write about “controversial” topics, which are often avoided or lied about by mainstream media outlets.
  • A measured, non-sensationalist, non-hyperbolic language. We don’t want the reader to be lead to particular conclusions by tricks employed by many journalists: labeling, framing, half-truths, etc.

If you think you can write articles which fit the above pattern, then you are welcome to send them to us. Please send them by email to the Email address that you can find on the Contact page. We’ll make a decision about publication of your article in general within two weeks, and we’ll inform you about our decision by email.

The article should be a Microsoft Word or LibreOffice (or OpenOffice, .odt) document. It can contain images.

We are not able to pay you a fee at this stage. Your only gain will be that your piece might be read by other people.