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The biology in Woke ideology

The Woke say: a man can become pregnant and a woman can have a penis. What they want to say is this: biological facts don’t matter in determining gender identity. The only thing that matters…

Multiculturalism vs. Diversity

The ideologies of multiculturalism and diversity are not about fairness and equal treatment of minorities. They aim at undermining European ethnicity and society and its Western culture.

The Purge

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook are now purging many people they consider ‘far-right’. No matter if the people they purge have never called for violence – or if they even explicitly advocate non-violence, as Austrian identitarian…

Publishing fake news for the climate

“Over 11 thousand scientists” sign a report warning about climate change – according to CBC, CNN, The Independent, The Guardian and many other main stream media outlets. Really? Well, maybe yes, if all the dentists,…