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UN Migration Pact: Israel withdraws from the Pact

Update: now The Times of Israel also reports that Israel will not sign the Pact. I removed the “probably” from the title.

According to Barak Ravid, from Israel’s Channel 10 News, Israel is expected to withdraw from the UN Global Compact on Migration after requests from the U.S. and Hungary. 

Despite lobbying by Germany and the UK against Israel’s leaving the Pact, Israel now seems to have decided not to sign the Pact. According to Barak Ravid, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister said this yesterday:

We are not in favor of the Global Compact on Migration in principal and probably we will not be part of it.

But, according to the Israeli web site Arutz Sheva, Netanyahu said this, during a cabinet meeting yesterday:

We are coordinating with the Americans on the subject of the UN International Migration Agreement. We are considering the issue. In principle, we are not in favor of the agreement, and is what will happen.

This lack of clarity might be due to Israel’s current problems with Hamas. The bottom line is that, like in other countries—Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia—there are signs that the country will not endorse the Pact, but the situation is fluid and changes might be possible, up to the last minute before the UN meeting in Marrakesh in December.

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