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UN Migration Pact: Poland and Slovakia now also decided not to sign it

According to Radio Poland, the Polish Defense Minister said on Tuesday his country would not sign a UN pact to regulate the treatment of migrants across the world.

Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak told public broadcaster Polish Radio: “We believe that this is not a good solution. This is not a method that would make it possible to reduce the migration crisis. On the contrary, it would only intensify the crisis.”

Meanwhile, Slovakian Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, said on Sunday that Slovakia will not support the UN Migration Pact. Pellegrini said:
“As Prime Minister, I reject the wording of the migration compact and I refuse to apply in Slovakia”

“Slovakia does not think there is a difference between legal and illegal migration. We consider the economic one to be illegal and we consider it a harmful and security risk,” Pellegrini said, with Slovakia having a problem with the document as it is designed. Therefore, the Slovak Republic “disapproves of this UN pact and will in no way support it in Marrakesh.”

This is the current list of countries where the Government (or a Government Minister) confirmed that the country will not endorse the UN Migration Pact in Marrakesh beginning of December:

Czech Republic