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The Great Replacement: Myth, conspiracy theory, or reality? Part 3: “Diversity is our strength!”

Part 2 of this series was about criticisms of the Great Replacement idea by people who tried to downplay the extent of the demographic changes happening in Europe.

Another group of people accepts the demographic reality of the “Great Replacement”. However, they welcome these changes instead of seeing them as a great tragedy.

This Part confronts the views of these people with reality.

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How science lived in Europe and died in Islam, Part 1: Questions and puzzles

Scientific and philosophical inquiry was non-existent among the Arab tribes at the time Muhammad started his new religion, Islam, beginning of the 7th century. By the 9th century, however, areas ruled by Islam became important centers of science and philosophy. This Islamic “Golden Age” lasted several hundred years, but then a decline followed, from which science under Islam never since recovered. Why did this happen? And why was there a different development in Europe?